Cross-reading #11

May 01, 2021How Developers Choose Names, Tracking the WhatsApp habits of 5000 random Smartphones, WebGL Fingerprinting, Basic Music Theory in ~200 Lines of Python and more.

Cross-reading #10

April 16, 2021Historians pinpoint the very 'worst year' ever to be alive, The True Meaning of Technical Debt, Things I was asked to do while job hunting, Limiting Work In Progress and more.

Shutting down Magestats

April 15, 2021I started in August 2018 with only a vague idea of what I wanted to do with it. Over the next two months I would work on it…

Cross-reading #9

April 09, 2021How to Learn Complex Things Quickly, Breaking GitHub Private Pages, Shopware 6 from a Magento perspective, Docker without Docker and more.

Cross-reading #8

October 30, 2020How 30 Lines of Code Blew Up a 27-Ton Generator, Why Software Developers Suck at UX, Don’t Pay for 95% and more.

Cross-reading #7

July 31, 2020Why it is easier to manage 4 people than 1, Writing a file system from scratch in Rust, The code I’m still ashamed of and more.

Cross-reading #6

July 24, 2020Hackers tell the story of the Twitter attack from the inside, GPT-3 and the future of human productivity, how Inuit parents teach children to control their anger and more.

How to render Helmet Meta Tags before Styles in Gatsby

July 18, 2020I noticed an issue on my blog posts a few days ago. Whenever I shared them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media site, the image defined in the meta tag og:image or twitter:image was not displayed.

Cross-reading #5

July 17, 2020When your coworker does great work, tell their manager, Several High-Profile Accounts Hacked in the Biggest Twitter Hack of All Time, Domain-Driven Design and more.

Cross-reading #4

July 09, 2020Remote Code Execution in F5's BIG-IP, mistakes developers make when using JWT, Windows dropping support for PHP 8.0 and beyond, a look at the Gemini protocol and more.

Cross-reading #3

July 03, 2020Attackers Cryptojacking Docker Images to Mine for Monero, Magecart hits again, Mac Ransomware and more.

Cross-reading #2

June 26, 2020Analysis of the SwissCovid App, Hackers using Google Analytics to steal credit cards, a Cat sitting on a keyboard and more.

Cross-reading #1

June 19, 2020Cross-reading is a series in which I present articles that I have read in the last few days and which might be interesting for you as well.