What happened?

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I’ve always used my domain(s) for certain reasons, e.g. to have a portfolio that reflects my profession, such as my former portfolio ”Marcel Hauri, the award-winning Magento developer and e-commerce specialist“.

Well, there was just a slight problem. It focused only on one topic, Magento, which in fact, for the last 5 years, has dominated a large part of my life. I’ve worked on many Magento shops, actively participated in the community, gave a few speeches here and there, won some awards and even was a so-called Community Maintainer.1

So don’t get me wrong, it really was one of the more exciting experiences of my life so far. But of course it happened the way it had to happen. I changed my profession, and now I don’t work with Magento on a daily basis anymore, so the question arose how to carry on here.

And this is the answer, no longer a portfolio, but simply a place where I can write about what I’m interested in, regardless of my profession.

Will I ever have a portfolio again, who knows, probably not, that’s what LinkedIn is for, isn’t it?