Cross-reading #5

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When your coworker does great work, tell their manager (

I think telling someone’s manager they’re doing great work is a pretty common practice and it can be really helpful, but it’s easy to forget to do and I wish someone had suggested it to me earlier.

Several High-Profile Accounts Hacked in the Biggest Twitter Hack of All Time (

We detected what we believe to be a coordinated social engineering attack by people who successfully targeted some of our employees with access to internal systems and tools

The Most Remarkable Legacy System I Have Seen (

After 12 years of reliable and loyal service, the legacy offering was NOT deprecated. Quite the contrary. It is fully working and it will certainly go on to live another 12 years, outlasting every javascript and strategic framework in existence.

How to Run a Live Coding Stream on Twitch using OBS (

If you’re reading this post, you might be interested in trying your hand at live coding on stream, as a way of sharing your projects in a more relatable, immediate way than a polished blog post, teaching others about programming, or just as a way to have fun.

How to Write Technical Posts (so people will read them) :: Reasonably Polymorphic (

You’ll make it easier for people to understand what you’re trying to tell them. Which is why you’re writing in the first place, right? The good news is that none of this is magic—just some simple guidelines for structuring your content.

terjanq/Tiny-XSS-Payloads (

A collection of tiny XSS1 Payloads that can be used in different contexts.

The Concept of Domain-Driven Design Explained (

Domain-driven design is a software engineering approach to solving a specific domain model. The solution circles around the business model by connecting execution to the key business principles.

Differences Between Static Generated Sites And Server-Side Rendered Apps (

Statically generated sites or pre-rendering and server-side rendered applications are two modern ways to build front-end applications using JavaScript frameworks. These two modes, yet different, are often mixed up as the same thing and in this tutorial, we’re going to learn about the differences between them.

You’ve only added two lines - why did that take two days! (

What’s worse than having to fix a bug?

Having to fix the same bug repeatedly. I take the time to make sure any bug is totally fixed any time it is encountered so that it doesn’t need to be faced, investigated, fixed, and tested more than once.

New in Chrome: CSS Overview (

Here’s a fancy new experimental feature in Chrome! Now, we can get an overview of the CSS used on a site, from how many colors there are to the number of unused declarations… even down to the total number of defined media queries.

Vlad Mihalcea on Twitter (

You can write a software book and make over 100k $Here’s what worked for me:1. I started a blog first. This allows you to practice your writing and build an audience.— Vlad Mihalcea (@vlad_mihalcea) July 12, 2020

‘Deep tech’ entrepreneurs share their Swiss start-up journeys (

A new documentary explores whether Switzerland has what it takes to produce, finance and nurture the technology start-ups of the future.