Cross-Reading is a series of links collected throughout the day reflecting my current interests.

Cross-reading #11

May 01, 2021How Developers Choose Names, Tracking the WhatsApp habits of 5000 random Smartphones, WebGL Fingerprinting, Basic Music Theory in ~200 Lines of Python and more.

Cross-reading #10

April 16, 2021Historians pinpoint the very 'worst year' ever to be alive, The True Meaning of Technical Debt, Things I was asked to do while job hunting, Limiting Work In Progress and more.

Cross-reading #9

April 09, 2021How to Learn Complex Things Quickly, Breaking GitHub Private Pages, Shopware 6 from a Magento perspective, Docker without Docker and more.

Cross-reading #8

October 30, 2020How 30 Lines of Code Blew Up a 27-Ton Generator, Why Software Developers Suck at UX, Don’t Pay for 95% and more.

Cross-reading #7

July 31, 2020Why it is easier to manage 4 people than 1, Writing a file system from scratch in Rust, The code I’m still ashamed of and more.

Cross-reading #6

July 24, 2020Hackers tell the story of the Twitter attack from the inside, GPT-3 and the future of human productivity, how Inuit parents teach children to control their anger and more.

Cross-reading #5

July 17, 2020When your coworker does great work, tell their manager, Several High-Profile Accounts Hacked in the Biggest Twitter Hack of All Time, Domain-Driven Design and more.

Cross-reading #4

July 09, 2020Remote Code Execution in F5's BIG-IP, mistakes developers make when using JWT, Windows dropping support for PHP 8.0 and beyond, a look at the Gemini protocol and more.

Cross-reading #3

July 03, 2020Attackers Cryptojacking Docker Images to Mine for Monero, Magecart hits again, Mac Ransomware and more.

Cross-reading #2

June 26, 2020Analysis of the SwissCovid App, Hackers using Google Analytics to steal credit cards, a Cat sitting on a keyboard and more.

Cross-reading #1

June 19, 2020Cross-reading is a series in which I present articles that I have read in the last few days and which might be interesting for you as well.